• Label : Voulez-Vous Cat# : V-7 Format : 7inch Record Year : 2014 Genre : House / Disco 200 numbered copies Including the 2 tracks in digital version on mini-cd + 1 extra track called "Get It" A : Blackbelt B : Superbad

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" A sharp and low-key individual, but well known amongst the best for his prominent and skillful Djing, Léandre is a unique mix of natural and uncompromising talent, which simply must be experienced.
An extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate vinyl collector since the 90s, he has been a key contributor to the database entries of Discogs since its beginning.
Starting as a DJ in 1994, Léandre began his journey in London where he played regularly until the year 2000. After this, he was the highlight at many of the famous Full Moon parties in Thailand.
Back in Paris, and at the same time as continuing his database contributions and record collection, he focuses on producing and releasing music with his friend from Chicago, Jordan Fields, who also supported him in the creation of his label Voulez-Vous. He also continues his database contributions and growing his record collection.
Léandre has released his tracks on labels including: LeFreq, Loft66, Minimalizm, House Is A Feeling and others. His pure and distinctive sound, mainly Detroit and Chicago, grabbed the attention of Detroit’s legendary DJ Extraordinaire Terrence Parker, who released Léandre’s tracks on his label - Parker Music Works.
Léandre’s big love of music has led him to discover several of the finest and rarest tracks of all-time and to frequently indulge in making edits, to the highest standards in quality and originality. He shares these via his website and Soundcloud, whilst being true to himself and keeping a low profile. For him, this can’t be stressed enough, it really is all about the music. 
Léandre is definitely a special treat for everyone, but especially for true disco, house and techno music lovers from around the globe. His out-of-the-ordinary, high power, masterful and exclusive performances captivate and bring his audiences back to the real spirit of 90s house, undoubtedly and relentlessly taking them on an uplifting journey way beyond clichés, and rich in rare gems as well as classic tracks from only the very best producers. All faithfully delivered with Léandre’s unparalleled trade-mark style, heart and soul. "